June Followup

Hey guys,

So June was a really awesome month. Dinosaurs in Vietnam had a few showcases at Don Pedro, as well as the Compilation Release Show at The Cup.  There was plenty of other fun things going on all month.. I personally went to a bunch of awesome shows. I kicked off the month by catching my friend Delicate Steve open for Yeasayer at Governor’s Island. Steve and his friends put on an outstanding show. I believe they’re going to be playing some more shows opening for Yeasayer in the future, so keep your eyes peeled for that.

We had our first showcase of the month at Don Pedro on the 9th. Bdee + the venomous oranges, Rice Cultivation SocietyFamily Lumber and Fortune & Spirits played. On an interesting note, it was the first time since the recent split up of El Rio Humano that Bdee’s original venomous oranges lineup has played.  The band, which features both members of the El Rio Humano— Johnny Hoblin and Michael McManus, also features Exemption‘s Thomas Moran. Derek Smith, of Rice Cultivation Society fame played some new material accompanied with regular drummer John Carbone.

Check out Rice’s new song, “Louis Leaky’s Sink” :

Our Compilation Release show at The Cup in Wantagh was also a great success. It again featured Rice Cultivation Society, as well as Franny Pi (Ex- Vision Through Sound), The Holy Soviets, Jay Briggs & The Oily Rainbows,  and Michael McManus (of Vision Through Sound/the venomous oranges, ex-El Rio Humano). I was told that it was opener Franny Berkman’s first solo show in quite some time. Franny played an eclectic selection of covers and original songs with plenty of collaborators.

Here’s a video of Franny premiering a new song called “Hurdy Gurdy” with collaborator Michelle Femminella:

We had our final show of the month once again at Don Pedro on the 20th. This time we featured Exemption, Vision Through Sound (who just released their new album), Lost Boy ? , and once again, Bdee + the venomous oranges. It was the first time I’ve seen Exemption play the closer off their forthcoming album, Public Cemetery Party. The song included a drum battle reminiscent of something I’d see at a Boredoms show. Opener Lost Boy ? is one of my favorite Long Island songwriters. Mr. Davey Jones’ drummer was unable to make the gig so the Lost Boy himself assumed drumming duties and played an outstanding set. His live band features members of Camara-Head Shark. It was the first time I’ve seen Davey drum live since he was in Psycho Rainbow.

Here’s a video of Lost Boy ? and the band playing a song off his new album, “MTV”

In other news, Vision Through Sound has released their sixth album, These Things Happen… the CD release show was at The Bitter End this past Saturday. It was loads of fun and the band was in superior form. VTS and I are about to hit the road to support the album. The tour begins on Thursday. Some cities and we plan to hit include Philadelphia, Ithaca, Pittsburgh, Columbus, Chicago, Saginaw and plenty of places in between. Contact Vision Through Sound @ VisionThroughSound@gmail.com for more details, or if you want to help them book a show in your town soon. VTS is playing a homecoming show on Long Island with Exemption and Wild International at Mulcahy’s on July 29. Check back soon for details on how to order the new VTS album. If you can’t wait that long, e-mail dinosaursinvietnam@gmail.com and we’ll see what we can do for you, I aim to please. 🙂

Stay tuned for some more fun suprises in the not so distant future!!



6/18 & 6/20: DiV Shows coming up + Compilation II out 6/18!

Hey everyone! Just a small update about stuff that’s going on with DiV. We have a few shows coming up. Also as previously mentioned online in the past few weeks, we have our second compilation coming out this Friday, June 18.

We’re celebrating the release with a show at The Cup: “Dinosaurs in Vietnam Presents: Collaboration Madness!” It’s going to be a slightly different kind of show where all the performers play with each other and other special guests all night! The lineup is as follows (subject to change):

11:10-12:00 Rice Cultivation Society
10:30-11:00 Michael McManus
9:50-10:20 Jay Briggs & the Oily Rainbows
9:10-9:40 The Holy Soviets
8:30-9:00 Franny Pi

When you go to The Cup, they will charge an additional $1 as a music fee to your bill when you order something. If you are sitting down and don’t order anything they will charge you $3 for the music fee. If you don’t buy anything (which is stupid, you should support local business! and also because their brownies are fucking delicious, at least get that….). So you will be charged an additional $2 for the space you are taking in addition to the $1 music fee. So bring your hungry tummy in addition to your hungry ears!

(additional deets: @ DiV’s Facebook Event Page)

DiV Presents: “Crude Oil, Compilation II” will feature all the artists playing that night as well as many other favorites including Vision Through Sound, Thomas Moran, Lost Boy?, Fortune & Spirits, Christian Peslak, Exemption, Helicopter Goes KABOOM!, Joyce & the Nancy Boys, El Rio Humano, Bdee, Delicate Steve, and Family Lumber.

The compilation will be out for free download on 6/18. And if all goes according to plan, we should have physical copies of the CD, which will also include fresh new Dinosaurs in Vietnam stickers hot off the press. If for some catastrophic reason we do not have the CD at the show, you could always download the compilation for free at http://dinosaursinvietnam.com and grab a physical copy at another DiV show in the future (with a donation please!).

Also, the same weekend, on Sunday, June 20, DiV is hosting a second “Crude Oil Compilation” release show at Don Pedro in Brooklyn.

the lineup for the night is as follows:

Vision Through Sound
Bdee + the venomous oranges
Lost Boy?

The first band starts a little after 9. Since its a Sunday night, this show is Band Donation night at Don Pedro. So, on this surface to people who are broke but want to listen to rock music, this means free admission. BUT after every band’s set, there’s going to be a donation (in a bucket/hat/can/whatever feels good) that we’re gonna pass around. You will also have the opportunity to get CD’s and other merch from each band. Please support your local artists. Instead of buying that 5th beer you really don’t need, throw a band one or two or three or five bucks and grab a CD or something!!

(deets: @ DiV’s Facebook Event Page)

That about sums it up. Hope to see you guys around soon. And if not, please be sure to download the compilation on 6/18! Keep an eye on DinosaursinVietnam.com for more updates, and expect plenty of cool things on the page in the weeks to come. Thanks for supporting your local Long Island artists!


New Blog + Crude Oil, Compilation II Coming Soon!

Hey Guys! This is Will. DiV is about to release our second compilation entitled “Crude Oil”. We can’t wait to show you guys the new songs.

With the release of the compilation (on 6/18), DinosaursinVietnam.com is going to have a blog that’s updated quite regularly featuring all fun tidbits about music, art, food, movies, and basically whatever the fuck we want to post. We’re open to contributors, so if you are interested in writing anything, anything at all for DiV, please email us @ dinosaursinvietnam@gmail.com.

Expect plenty of videos and pictures of live shows from all around. We’re a Long Island based label/collective/blog/whatever-the-fuck-we-are, and while we love and support artists from LI, we’re not going to limit ourselves to just the Island. In the days preceding the release, I’m going to be posting alot of fun stuff from all 16 artists that are featured on the new compilation.  There are currently three DiV shows coming up in the month of June, check them out:

6/9 @ Don Pedro, Brooklyn, NY w/ Bdee + the Venomous Oranges (feat members of Fastizio and Exemption), Family Lumber, Rice Cultivation Society and Fortune & Sprits. Free, 9p. (deets:  http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=126193744071341&index=1)

6/18 @ Compilation Release Show @ The Cup, Wantagh, LI w/ Michael McManus, Jay Briggs & The Oily Rainbows, Franny Pi, Rice Cultivation Society and The Holy Soviets! $3, 8p (deets: http://www.facebook.com/#!/event.php?eid=122847557748980&ref=ts)

6/20 @ Don Pedro, Brooklyn, NY w/ Vision Through Sound, Lost Boy, Exemption and Bdee + the venomous oranges! $5, 9p

Hope to see you at at least one of these shows! Don’t forget to grab a free copy of the compilation at every DiV show starting 6/18 or simply download it here. It features the artwork of Devin Alexis and features the following artists and tracks.

  1. Vision Through Sound – Rinse & Repeat
  2. Exemption – Mutating Skulls
  3. Lost Boy? – Love Undercovered
  4. Joyce & The Nancy Boys – This Is Where It Begins
  5. Jay Briggs & The Oily Rainbows – The Animal Within
  6. Delicate Steve – Attitude/Gratitude
  7. Helicopter Goes KABOOM! – Pubic Sentiments (The World Is War)
  8. Rice Cultivation Society – Miller High Life
  9. Christian Peslak – Officer
  10. Family Lumber – Awhile
  11. The Holy Soviets – Garbaggio Symphony Truckstomp
  12. Fortune & Spirits – Septembirds
  13. Vision Through Sound – Guest Check Love Song
  14. Thomas Moran – Morning Guilt
  15. Franny Pi – Ice
  16. Bdee – Alone In My Room I Wallow
  17. El Rio Humano – Used Up