Rice Cultivation Society is a one person collective, much like yourself. Derek Smith has been recording and performing under the name “Rice Cultivation Society” since 2007. Most recently, he’s been playing with a bunch of local musicians from Long Island and putting the finishing touches on his album Leaves Again, due out on the first day of Fall, September 21, 2010 via Dinosaurs in Vietnam.


One infamous day, Baldwin’s very own Brian Donaldson, picked up a guitar and his life hasn’t been the same since. He then proceeded to get a bass, a drum machine and various other instruments and started recording in his room. Under the stage name “Bdee“, he made album after album in Bdee Studios since 1997.  And now, over ten years, countless albums, and literally over a thousand songs later, Bdee and friends Michael McManus, Johnny Hoblin (Both of El Rio Humano), and Thomas Moran (of Exemption) formed his solo band, “Bdee + the venomus oranges” in 2008. The band has been performing Bdee’s original songs from his past few albums as well as new material from their soon-to-be debut album Dark and Ambient with Jay Briggs (of Vision Through Sound & The Sonitus Revolution) at Sonitus Studios in 2010.

Vision Through Sound

Veterans of the Massapequa scene, Vision Through Sound have been working non-stop since 2001. The band’s music has developed and evolved over the course of eight years, with several interchanging members contributing their own personal styles to create the most quirky alternative rock you’ve heard in a long time. With five definitive albums under their belt, frontman and primary songwriter Andrew Krolikowski, accompanied with bassist Jay Briggs, guitarist Gary O’Keefe and returning member Michael McManus on drums is about to release the band’s sixth, entitled These Things Happen due out July 2010 via Dinosaurs in Vietnam.


The members of Exemption met when they were but children; lost and starving feral beasts left to die under the Kiwanis bridge in the vast Massapequan wilderness. Fate found Thomas Moran, Ray Marté, and Nick Lee shaking hands at the impressionable age of thirteen, forming a bond that has remained strong for eight years now. The band has an album and the recently released Harmony of the Spheres EP under its belt and are currently in the midst of recording their second full-length, Public Cemetery Party, due out this year.

sonitusThe Sonitus Revolution is an indie/garage/psychedelic rock band from Wantagh, NY. Formed in 2005 by Jay Briggs (Guitars, Voices) and Chris DiMaio, Sonitus has been compared to the likes of Joy Division molesting Mission of Burma and Yo La Tengo. With Drummer Frank Federici manning the skins and Bassist Phil “Meatball” Montalbano thumping away, this new lineup of Sonitus is here to stay. The band is currently in rehearsing & demoing for their upcoming album Paralyzed in Transition due out in 2010.

tom moranThomas Moran is a singer-songwriter from New York who has been playing shows, touring and recording for years. While he is the frontman and bass player of Exemption, a popular local band from his hometown of Massapequa, he also has a stunning array of solo songs that he plays frequently around New York City. Moran released his self-produced second album, entitled Mr. Brain in the autumn of 2009 via Dinosaurs in Vietnam.

bonusBonus Eventus

For the past few years, BONUS EVENTUS has been tearing it up at every dive bar, house party, and backyard they can gain access to, hoping to spread their philosophy of ‘No wasted time, just wasted times!.’ Writing with acute ears for catchy hooks and pop sensibility, these four friends have been able to disguise some serious pop melody under some old-fashioned rock n’ roll and passion to create a whole new sound they personally like to call ‘Party Rock.’ Bonus Eventus features the friendship of Dave Barritt, Johnny Hoblin, and Matt Ludwig. Their debut album, ¡Cañaceros!, was produced by Abberlines alum Joe Lorenzo and was released late November under the Dinosaurs in Vietnam label.

El Rio Hu mano
Michael McManus
and John Hoblin have been best friends for a long time and make music together. They started a band called FASTIZIO in 2004. As Fastizio, Mike, John and a recurring cast of characters have played all over New York, went on a few tours and came out with an album, “The Under-Aged Blood Crusade” in 2007. In 2009, the band decided to change their name to El Rio Humano and recorded an EP. It was completed it in October. Soon after, the band went on an indefinite hiatus. “The Boneyard EP” is set to be released in 2010 on Dinosaurs in Vietnam.

helicopterHelicopter Goes KABOOM! was formed in 2008 by Brian “Bdee” Donaldson and Michael McManus of Fastizio. They formed with the intention to create diverse music in a stable environment. Their first album Heaven’s a Hailstorm was produced by Bdee in Mike’s basement last summer. They are currently working on their second album, Vegas in a Basement due out in 2010.

The band and its music was developed over a course of five years, with constant interchanging members contributing their own personal styles;

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  1. Awesome groups guys! i look forward to being back on the island and seeing you guys play! rock on!

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