Ishcan Luugua lands on Planet Earth

Hey everybody. I made a record in my dorm room last month that is now available for free download on the Dinosaurs in Vietnam BandCamp page.  It is 8 tracks and consists entirely of Keyboard beats/sounds, internet audio clips, and readings from some of my college books. There are some vocals on it but only on a few songs. I sing a little bit and also my good friends Sami Delafuente and Alex Schooley-Marks provided vocals. The internet samples all came from youtube. This was done entirely for my own amusement and sounds kind of harsh at times. This is also the first thing I’ve ever produced entirely myself, using a digital 16 track recording device that I share with Tom Moran. I call the album “Cotitit Ishcanan” and “Ishcan Luugua” is my pseudonym. These names come from the Totonacan language, a native Mexican language that my good friend Mariano told me about. Will Forthman helped me with the cover and Tom Moran explained to me how to use the recording device. I suggest that if you are going to listen to it you should probably use headphones, as the whole fun of this album is the things happening in the different ears. Turn it up all the way too because it isn’t that loud. Hope you take the time to check it out!! Thanks!!!

– Ishcan Luugua McManus


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