Rice Cultivation Society teams up with DiV

We here at DiV are pleased to announce that our good friend, Rice Cultivation Society (aka Derek Smith) had decided to team up with DiV and join this collective of merry humans. Rice Cultivation Society has been writing and recording music for years. His first release was in 2007. Rice Cultivation Society’s new album, Leaves Again will be released on September 21, 2010— The first day of Fall.

I first saw Derek play in 2008 in a local band called Moose Moose, which consisted of four songwriters who constantly switched instruments and played each others songs. They were loud, raw, and noisy. Later on, he formed Circle the Whale with Joe James from Moose Moose and they released an EP on Joe’s label Dinos Aren’t Dead. “Hey Man, Whats Up?” is personally one of my favorite local debuts of all time.

Meanwhile, Derek was constantly recording and playing live, both with Circle The Whale and Rice Cultivation Society. Last year he joined another Long Island band, Family Lumber and released the third Rice album, Consider the Snow White and the Ravens’ Black.  Derek invited me to his house for a listening party of the album and it was certainly a highlight of last summer. I was watching some footage that I had taken from it and I figured it’d be cool to share a rendering of the song “Heath The Horse Thief” from the listening party. Derek explains what the song is about before he plays it. Check it out:

In anticipation for the release of Rice Cultivation Society’s fourth album, Leaves Again, the previous Rice album, Consider the Snow White and the Ravens’ Black is now available to download for free on our releases page, via the brand new Dinosaurs in Vietnam BandCamp. DiV included the track “Miller High Life” from Leaves Again on our second compilation this past June. You could give that a listen here:

We’re all really looking forward to the release of Leaves Again. Check back in the coming weeks for more updates, videos, pix and all that jazz regarding Rice and everyone else. If you want to get involved with DiV in any way please contact us at dinosaursinvietnam@gmail.com

Thanks for supporting your local music!



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  1. Good day! Thanks for sharing. I will bookmark your website.

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