6/18 & 6/20: DiV Shows coming up + Compilation II out 6/18!

Hey everyone! Just a small update about stuff that’s going on with DiV. We have a few shows coming up. Also as previously mentioned online in the past few weeks, we have our second compilation coming out this Friday, June 18.

We’re celebrating the release with a show at The Cup: “Dinosaurs in Vietnam Presents: Collaboration Madness!” It’s going to be a slightly different kind of show where all the performers play with each other and other special guests all night! The lineup is as follows (subject to change):

11:10-12:00 Rice Cultivation Society
10:30-11:00 Michael McManus
9:50-10:20 Jay Briggs & the Oily Rainbows
9:10-9:40 The Holy Soviets
8:30-9:00 Franny Pi

When you go to The Cup, they will charge an additional $1 as a music fee to your bill when you order something. If you are sitting down and don’t order anything they will charge you $3 for the music fee. If you don’t buy anything (which is stupid, you should support local business! and also because their brownies are fucking delicious, at least get that….). So you will be charged an additional $2 for the space you are taking in addition to the $1 music fee. So bring your hungry tummy in addition to your hungry ears!

(additional deets: @ DiV’s Facebook Event Page)

DiV Presents: “Crude Oil, Compilation II” will feature all the artists playing that night as well as many other favorites including Vision Through Sound, Thomas Moran, Lost Boy?, Fortune & Spirits, Christian Peslak, Exemption, Helicopter Goes KABOOM!, Joyce & the Nancy Boys, El Rio Humano, Bdee, Delicate Steve, and Family Lumber.

The compilation will be out for free download on 6/18. And if all goes according to plan, we should have physical copies of the CD, which will also include fresh new Dinosaurs in Vietnam stickers hot off the press. If for some catastrophic reason we do not have the CD at the show, you could always download the compilation for free at http://dinosaursinvietnam.com and grab a physical copy at another DiV show in the future (with a donation please!).

Also, the same weekend, on Sunday, June 20, DiV is hosting a second “Crude Oil Compilation” release show at Don Pedro in Brooklyn.

the lineup for the night is as follows:

Vision Through Sound
Bdee + the venomous oranges
Lost Boy?

The first band starts a little after 9. Since its a Sunday night, this show is Band Donation night at Don Pedro. So, on this surface to people who are broke but want to listen to rock music, this means free admission. BUT after every band’s set, there’s going to be a donation (in a bucket/hat/can/whatever feels good) that we’re gonna pass around. You will also have the opportunity to get CD’s and other merch from each band. Please support your local artists. Instead of buying that 5th beer you really don’t need, throw a band one or two or three or five bucks and grab a CD or something!!

(deets: @ DiV’s Facebook Event Page)

That about sums it up. Hope to see you guys around soon. And if not, please be sure to download the compilation on 6/18! Keep an eye on DinosaursinVietnam.com for more updates, and expect plenty of cool things on the page in the weeks to come. Thanks for supporting your local Long Island artists!



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