Bdee’s “Somber Depression” Out Now!

Hey Guys! I’m happy to announce that Dinosaurs in Vietnam has successfully re-released the classic Bdee album “Somber Depression”. Featuring some of Bdee’s finest moments, including the classic “Boys Do Cry” as well as “Gray” and live staple “Alone In My Room I Wallow”. Like most of Bdee’s albums, this one was recorded alone in his room during a gloomy week in February of 2007.  Bdee plays guitar, bass, sings some of his finest lyrics and programs some of his best drum machines and synths.

Of the album, Bdee has to say, “This cd is reflected by a somber state of depression where the mind is at ease with itself but at the same time is morbidly depressed and has thoughts of death, suicide, and hurt.”

Bdee is currently playing select songs from the album with his band, “Bdee + the venomous oranges”, featuring Michael McManus (of Vision Through Sound and Fastizio) on Bass and vocals, Thomas Moran (of Exemption) on Keys and guitar, and Johnny Hoblin (of Fastizio) on Drums.

Here’s a video of The Venomous Oranges playing Alone In My Room I Wallow at last night’s DiV show at Don Pedro:

To download the album, go to



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