Hello World! DiV Upcoming Releases!!



Dinosaurs in Vietnam Presents: Compilation 3 (Title TBA)
Helicopter Goes KABOOM! – Vegas in a Basement
El Rio Humano – The Boneyard EP
Fastizio – The Under-Aged Blood Crusade (re-release)
Bdee + the venomous oranges – Dark and Ambient
Bdee + the venomous oranges – E.P. (title TBA)


DiV017: Bdee – 12 Months
DiV016: Exemption – Public Cemetery Party
DiV015: Rice Cultivation Society – Leaves Again
DiV014: Ishcan Luugua – Cotitit Ishcanan
DiV013: Rice Cultivation Society – Consider the Snow White and the Ravens’ Black (Digital re-release)
DiV012: Vision Through Sound – Dead Band Sampler! (digital release)
DiV011: Vision Through Sound – These Things Happen (CD+ digital release)
DiV010: Dinosaurs in Vietnam Presents: Crude Oil, Compilation II (CD + Digital)
DiV009: Bdee – Somber Depression (CD+ digital release)
DiV008: Helicopter Goes KABOOM! – Heaven’s a Hailstorm (Digital)
DiV007: Bonus Eventus – ¡Cañaceros! (CD + Digital)
DiV006: Thomas Moran – Mr. Brain (CD + Digital)
DiV005: Dinosaurs in Vietnam Presents: Save Our Heads for the Future, Comp+zine #1 (CD + Digital)
DiV004: Thomas Moran – Something’s Happening EP (Digital)
DiV003: Thomas Moran – The Secret Historic Home Recordings: Volume 1 (Digital re-release)
DiV002: Bdee – Stories EP (CD + Digital re-release)
DiV001: The Sonitus Revolution – There Is No One Way to Dance (Digital re-release)


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  1. Dinosaurs in Vietnam = Such good people =)

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